Supervision and Training for Therapists in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)

Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy


When an individual calls me for help with a problem or a life circumstance, I appreciate the opportunity to work together.  I work collaboratively with individuals to understand themselves and others, to cope, to build on strengths, and to support opportunities for change.   Clients can expect me to listen with care as well as to examine with them their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that they chose to share with me.

I have the most training in and experience with clients who have relationship problems, are coping with life transitions (moving, getting married or divorced, becoming and being a parent, adjusting to an empty nest or loss of someone important), and individuals who have depression and anxiety.

In my work with individuals, I am influenced by several ways that therapists often work.  I was a predoctoral and postdoctoral fellow at the Wright Institute, Los Angeles where my training was in psychodynamic therapy.  That means that I, along with many other therapists, think that it is helpful for individuals to understand their history and how it influences their current thoughts, feelings and behaviors.  I also have many years of training and experience working from a systemic perspective.  This means that in working with an individual, I will think with them about the people that are important to them and how they can be of help in solving their problems and in living their lives in more fulfilling ways. I am most influenced by an empirically validated therapy called Emotionally Focused Therapy.  I understand that emotions are primary motivators in our lives, and I work with my clients to understand their emotions that influence their view of themselves, their view of others, and most importantly their close attachments.

Please note that during the Stay at Home order issued by the Governor due to the COVID-19 crisis, I am seeing clients only online.  I am using Zoom, the pro version, which is HIPPA compliant.  I will return to in person therapy when it is safe for me and for my clients.